More than just cables: What's the difference with MIT Cables ?
It's the difference between an audio cable and an audio interface.

MIT Cables' core audio cable technology is our exclusive Poles of Articulation, named after the fact that every audio cable has a single point where it is most efficient at storing and transporting energy. At this point in the audio frequency spectrum, the cable will articulate best, and represents the cables' particular Articulation Pole.

Utilizing our Poles of Articulation, we can provide levels of performance for each listener’s needs, from our Oracle Series of interfaces for the ultimate experience, to our StyleLine series of interfaces for the budget-minded audiophile. Our newest SL-Matrix series of audio interfaces offers our legendary High End performance distilled down to more reasonable price points.

"Let us help you make the most of your A/V components!"

Bruce Brisson,  Founder & CEO of MIT


HIGH END Munich 2016 - MIT Articulation Control Console Series

MIT Cables in Germany

MIT Cables introduced our new Articulation Control Consoles - the 169 and the 206 along with the renowned Oracle SHD Interconnects with Audio Components, Hamburg DL in suites F1114-F116, and F108.

Personal demonstrations with the Magico Q7's, and Spectral SV, interfaced with the "no holds barred" 268 Articulation Control Console were ongoing at MySound, Starnberg DL - only 15 minutes southeast of the MOC.

In these rooms consoles and SHD interconnects were interfaced with Magico S5, Martin Logan Neolith, Pass, Spectral, and Moon audio

"The M.O.C. in Munich hosts the HIGH END, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the expression."

High End Society 2016

NEW Release - The ACC - Articulation Control Console!

MIT Oracle UHD Articulation Control Console
MIT Oracle UHD Articulation Control Console
MIT Oracle UHD Articulation Control Console

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