All New Matrix Speaker Interfaces and Interconnects

NEW Release— Matrix Series

In addition to the ultra high-end Oracle Matrix SHD and HD Interfaces released earlier this year, the new extended Matrix line offers Hi-End performance for any level of system investment.

MIT's new Matrix™ Series speaker interfaces and interconnects feature the same Multipole™ technology found in our top-of-the-line interfaces, but at prices that are sure to be more “harmonious” with your wallet. As a result of new manufacturing techniques and processes, MIT is providing you more performance per dollar than ever before.

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Matrix Series Product Sheet

Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces

The Matrix HD 28 preserves additional timbre and more of the natural textures and density of the audio signal, bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before at this price. Uses MIT patented iconn ™ connectors—4 spades and 4 bananas included.

  • 28 Articulation Poles
  • 30 Articulation Poles (Bi-Wire)
  • MIT Matrix 28 Speaker Interfaces

    Matrix 18 Speaker Interfaces

    The Matrix 18 provides a highly articulate, smooth and linear audio response on a low-noise background, delivering the broadest range offeatures and performance for the least amount of money! The Matrix 18 also includes our patented CVT® Coupler, which eliminates reflected energy.

  • 18 Articulation Poles
  • 20 Articulation Poles (Bi-Wire)
  • MIT Matrix 18 Speaker Interfaces

    Matrix 12 Speaker Interfaces

    The Matrix 12 builds upon the extremely popular AVt1 speaker interface, but in a smaller network enclosure at the output (speaker) end. TheMatrix 12 is a superb performer, using 12 Poles of Articulation. You can expect great detail and focus with a wide, deep soundstage.

  • 12 Articulation Poles
  • 14 Articulation Poles (Bi-Wire)
  • MIT Matrix 12 Speaker Interfaces

    Matrix 12i Interconnect

    Bringing true performance and affordability together for the first time at this level, the Matrix 12 audio interconnect is an excellent value well suited to serious home theater and audio enthusiasts. The Matrix 12 with its 12 Poles of Articulation preserves additional timbre and more of the natural textures and density of the audio signal than any other interconnect in its class, bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before at this price.

  • 12 Articulation Poles
  • 13 Articulation Poles (Proline)with Balanced XLR
  • MIT Matrix 12i Interconnects

    Matrix 6i RCA Interconnect

    Using miniaturized passive network circuitry, this design provides six Poles of Articulation inside a compact and "corner free" enclosure for easy installation. Inside this enclosure, MIT engineers put to work their understanding of the differences between harmonics, inharmonics and overtones, and how “just cable” can negatively impact the music’s timbre. It takes Multipole Technology to preserve the natural timbre of the music

  • 6 Articulation Poles
  • 7 Articulation Poles (Proline)with Balanced XLR
  • MIT Matrix 6i Interconnects

    Matrix 3i RCA Interconnect

    The Matrix 3 uses new smaller Multipole™ circuitry hidden within the RCA connector, making it the most advanced connector in the world! MIT engineering has successfully miniaturized Multipole Technology to the size of a button. It is then sandwiched inside a unique RCA connector. You'll hear better bass, cleaner midrange and enhanced image and focus from this svelte RCA enclosure design that is as easy to install as any non-networked cable design.

  • 3 Articulation Poles
  • 4 Articulation Poles (Proline)with Balanced XLR
  • MIT Matrix 3i Interconnects