Oracle MA-X Super HD Speaker Interface

Oracle MA-X Super HD Speaker Interface


Past Product: No Longer Available

105/130/155 Articulation Poles!

The new Oracle MA-X Super High Definition speaker interface: Reference Redefined
Advanced laboratory test and measurement equipment enabled Music Interface Technologies to include Fractional Articulation Technology in the designs of its reference level products. MIT first unveiled this technology in 2010 as “Fractional Articulation Technology” (F.A.T.) in its Oracle MA-X rev. 2 Hd Speaker Interfaces. Thanks to improved manufacturing techniques, MIT is proud to offer this technology in an entirely new product line, including Super High definition Speaker Interfaces.

Today, through Fractional Articulation Technology (F.A.T.), interval optimization (notes within the octave) is achieved! The result is an interface that properly preserves additional timbre and more of the natural textures and density of music, “filling in the blanks and connecting the dots”–thus providing a higher definition audio playback.

Fractional Articulation Technology and HD Switching
With the simple turn of the selector switch, you can move from “Standard definition” to “High definition” to “Super High definition” mode by activating Fractional Articulation Technology (F.A.T.).

F.A.T. enables these interfaces to retrieve additional information that resides within each octave of the musical signal, forming individual images with crisp detail and without artificial hardness. Smooth and liquid from top to bottom, F.A.T. precisely extracts information lost by JUST cables, rendering incredible detail and solid image placement with more lifelike transients than ever thought possible.

The result: improved timbre, texture and unparalleled detail, while preserving all of the delicate spatial information associated with Maximum Articulation.

Sold in pairs.