Oracle Matrix 50 Rev. 2 Interconnect

Oracle Matrix 50 Rev. 2 Interconnect

50 Articulation Poles

2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Editors' Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

"Making use of technology derived from MIT’s top-line Oracle MA-X interconnect, the Oracle Matrix 50 interconnect is designed to match the specific input impedance of whatever gear it is connected to via an adjustable three-position impedance switch. When impedance is set properly, the 50 performs exactly as advertised—increasing transparency, neutrality, transient speed, and low-level resolution by optimizing the interconnect/component interface. The perfect option for those looking for MIT MA-X sound quality at a far more affordable price. "


Using the award winning Oracle Matrix 50 as its foundation, the Oracle Matrix 50 Rev.2 brings the addition of A.A.R.M., giving you an unparalleled adaptable performance. The Rev.2 comes standard in our patented "V" configuration for strain relief (can also be ordered in a balanced version).

Sold in pairs.