Munich High End Show 2009

MIT Cables, Magico Loudspeakers and Spectral Audio are combining forces in Munich at the HIGH END® '09. Show dates are May 21 until May 24 in room D119 Atrium 3, 1st floor.
Looking to duplicate their success at CES Las Vegas (2009 Best Sound of Show), it is their intent to display what could be, and should be the best sound of the show in Munich! A lofty goal they know, but look at the system they have in mind…..

MIT Cables legendary Oracle "MA" series Speaker cables and interconnects will be interfacing the heralded M5 speaker and the DMA 360 series 2, certainly one of the top tier amplifiers of all time, from Spectral Audio.
     Oracle MA Speaker Cable
     Oracle MA-X Interconnects

Come and see the MAGICO M5 and hear why it is one of the most celebrated speakers of the year!
     Visit for more on the Magico M5.
Spectral Audio Inc. will debut the much awaited Spectral DMA360 Series 2 MONO Amplifiers, rumored to be the biggest single jump in amplifier performance in the history of the company.
     Visit for more on the DMA360 Series 2
     or download the spec sheet here.