New MIT Home Theater Series

NEW Release—The MIT Cables Home Theater Series !

Something is missing in your Home Theater System.

Have you figured it out? Do you miss the full sensation of movie- theater quality audio? Do you miss audio so real you can reach out and touch it? Do you want to reproduce the sound of the original film as the producers planned it?

MIT Cables has been the technology leader in audio and video cabling, as well as AC power line treatment and conditioning, for over three decades. Featured in the production of films earning seventeen Academy Award nominations for Best Sound, MIT Cables are used to interface the finest professional recording and film studios throughout the world. Why not use them in your system?

MIT Cables is proud to release our Home Theater Series of audio interfaces. Advances in manufacturing and miniaturization of components allow us to bring our legendary high performance to interfaces at entry-level prices.

The Home Theater series of interfaces consists of two products: the HTS1i interconnect, and the HTS1s speaker interface. Both contain MIT Cables’ core audio technology, our exclusive Poles of Articulation, named after the fact that every cable has a single point in the audio frequency range where it is most efficient and will articulate best.

Compared to “just cable”, MIT's Home Theater Series provides better bass and more clarity, providing a lifelike feel to your Home Theater experience.