Oracle MA Audio Interconnect with A.A.R.M.

Oracle MA Audio Interconnect
with A.A.R.M.—Adjustable Articulation Response Module
The Oracle MA Audio Interconnect—
Unsurpassed control of articulation and imaging
articulation (ar·tic·u·la·tion)
(“) är-”ti-ky&-’lA-sh&n
  1. the action or manner of jointing or interrelating.
  2. the act of giving utterance or expression.
  3. the act or manner of articulating sounds.
  4. an articulated utterance or sound; specifically: CONSONANT sounds.
  • In Speech, articulation deals with (articulatory phonetics), their acoustic properties (acoustic phonetics), and how they combine to make syllables, words, and sentences (linguistic phonetics).
  • In Music, articulation is a sign, direction, or performance technique which indicates or affects the transition or continuity between notes or sounds.
  • In the world of Recorded Music and Cinema playback, articulation is the singular objective to audiophiles and videophiles the world over.
Switchable ? and selectable articulation!
View of Oracle Interconnect with impedance selector switch and articulation selection dial.

The Oracle MA Interconnect is the world’s first fully-adjustable articulation audio interface. The Oracle MA is the industry standard, raising the bar to an unsurpassed 68 poles of articulation. With 68 poles of articulation, the timbre is full, natural and rich, and the textures remain thick and dense, ensuring that voices and instruments will not lose their natural tones. All voices and instruments are “painted” on a noise-free background and portrayed within a large three-dimensional soundstage, remaining rock solid over a greater dynamic range. Perfect for use with Oracle MA Speaker cable.
Rock-solid soundstage and better image specificity
have once again been enhanced in the Oracle MA interconnect via recent improvements involving two proprietary MIT® 2C3D technologies, SIT® (Stable Image Technology) and JFA® (Jitter Free Analog). Stable Image Technology ensures that the soundstage will retain its proper dimensional proportions, regardless of power demands, while Jitter Free Analog ensures that all images emitted from within the soundstage are heard from a black background with precise location and clarity, regardless of your choice of volume setting.
The Adjustable Articulation Response Module
The Oracle MA articulation selector allows the listener to “fine tune” this interface for optimal balance between transients, detail, imaging and musicality. All with the simple rotation of the MIT patent-pending Articulation Selector integrated into every Oracle MA interconnect.
The illustration below is an artist's rendering of the Oracle MA articulation response for each setting of the Articulation Selector switch.
The base line is the 50% line. The plus values raise the articulation above the 50% line, which will enhance system transients, detail, imaging and musicality. The negative values below the 50% line will tend to have the opposite effects on a system.
It is purely subjective when deciding where the selector switch should be set—experiment a bit and set the selector switch where you feel your system performance is best, and enjoy the music!

Graph A: Represents the bandwidth of an 88-key piano, highlighted in blue, as it compares to the audible range of the human ear. We use this graph to describe how well a cable articulates across the audible bandwidth.
Graph B: Standard (single pole) cables have a relatively narrow region (yellow arch) where the cable is articulating ideally. Note that the blue area remaining is considered less than ideal in terms of articulation.
Graph C: Using MIT’s Patented Multipole™ network technology, MIT engineers add additional poles / points (6 shown) of articulation to further extend the articulation bandwidth of your audio system so that you may enjoy all of the music.