Oracle V 1.2, V2.2, V3.2 - The Evolution Continues

The "DOT-2", Two-Channel Three Dimensional (2C3D) upgrade renders an improved soundstage in the X, Y, and Z axis. This lifelike soundstage is held in a "rock solid" state on a noise-free black background under any power demand, while enhanced micro-dynamic retrieval improves the placement of individual images within the soundstage. These new interfaces feature upgraded aesthetics, including gleaming "Ferrari" silver paint.

The award-winning Oracle "Dot 2"—
an unprecedented upgrade to an already revolutionary product.

The Oracle V1.1, V2.1, V3.1 Series can now be upgraded to the improved V1.2, V2.2, and V3.2 specifications.

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Note: THE "DOT-2" is an upgrade from the "Dot-1" Series of Oracles. Because all "DOT-2" upgrades are built on a customer's exchanged core, parts included in this upgrade use both used and new components.