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From Bruce Brisson, MIT Cables' President and CEO

"When I first started designing audio cables back in the 1970’s, I could only dream that I would be able to improve our listening experience to such a large degree by simply changing a system’s cables. 2C3D was a project I began working on in the 1990’s. I wanted audiophiles around the world to be able to more accurately enjoy a recording in the same way as a live event. 2C3D was a breakthrough because for the first time a three dimensional soundstage could truly be created from only two channels. Now, with the latest release of Generation 3 products , I have greatly improved on this quest. In these new products, I have also increased low level detail, micro dynamics and imaging without compromising tonality. As a matter of fact, I’ve been able to optimize tonality and increase low-level detail, while improving soundstaging significantly over our older DOT 2 products.

"When designing the latest Generation 3 products I decided to ‘Hot Rod’ the Oracle V1.3, the Magnum M1.3, and the Shotgun S1.3, increasing their performance using all new 2C3D topology. I feel so strongly about the increase in performance of these cables that I have also created a Lending Library so you can borrow from MIT and audition them in your personal system…on me. I promise that you will not be disappointed!"

Generation 3: The Relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Oracle V1.3 Speaker Cable For over 25 years, MIT Cables' mission has been to help audiophiles, through groundbreaking technology, experience the best sound they can by solving the problems inherent in standard wire. This mission has culminated in 2009 with the release of the Generation 3 Series of speaker cables and audio interconnects, the latest 2C3D music interfaces.

Better Bass
Powerful, accurate bass has long been a defining characteristic of high fidelity sound reproduction. However, few audiophiles recognize the importance of the interface in achieving realistic bass. The MIT Generation 3 networks deliver a tighter, full bass response, weight, speed, and tonal accuracy; bass that is rich and powerful, without a bouncy, muddy and slow quality that is so often heard with ordinary cables.

Clearer Midrange
Midrange is the heart of superior sound quality. This is where loss of clarity and detail, as well as distortion, become most apparent. MIT Generation 3 networks preserve precise articulation across the entire audible range where musical details and images emerge with astonishing contrast and clarity from a black and noise-free background. As in the bass range, lifelike, accurately-sized images of instruments and voices are precisely located with respect to each other; all projected from within a lifelike and properly proportioned three dimensional soundstage.

Smoother Highs
High fidelity reproduction is often marred by the harsh, strident treble overemphasis generated by out of phase energy when delivered by ordinary cables. MIT's Generation 3 networks guarantee that accurate tonal balance will be maintained across this important portion of the audio spectrum, eliminating the grainy quality that causes treble sounds to become dissonant and unpleasant to experience. These 2C3D networks preserve high frequency detail, shimmer, and air, creating palpable images of multiple voices and instruments. All of which are portrayed independently within a lifelike and three dimensional soundstage. Thanks to MIT technologies, massed instruments and voices are now correctly arrayed in size, as well as location under any power condition.

Presence, Detail & Clarity
Superior resolution is the hallmark of MIT's Generation 3 audio interfacing, providing a lifelike image that recreates all of the subtle nuance and detail of the recorded event without the image wandering, wavering, blooming or becoming unfocused, even under the most extreme power demands.

Generation 3: Your best choice for better, more natural and lifelike sound reproduction.
You may associate audible improvements with upgrading your amplifiers or loudspeakers. But you may be surprised to find out that changing your cables to MIT's latest Generation 3 speaker cables and interconnects may create a more dramatic upgrade than you'd imagine. All audio cables alter the signal that is passing through them because they act as inefficient low pass filters; that is to say they are inefficient at transporting power. MIT's Generation 3 speaker cables and interconnects, built with our latest 2C3D technology, correct these inefficiencies in plain wire.

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