EVO Three Audio Interconnect

EVO Three Audio Interconnect

Based on the Award Winning AVt1, Shotgun, and CVT 2 technologies
Based on the Award Winning AVt1, Shotgun, and CVT 2 technologies

EVO 3 Interconnects: Once the Avt1 with 5 pole, MIT has appropriately stepped up the articulation to 9 poles to keep the chain of custody whole and intact, making the best possible interface for the money. Made in the USA and fitted with premium RCA or XLR connectors for peak performance.

Sold as pairs

Available in RCA Single-Ended and XLR Configuration

Background: New Release - MIT Heritage Series for 2017

The challenge - Two years ago another manufacturer from High End Audio suggested to Bruce Brisson C.E.O MIT Cables, “The industry needs a great sounding $10k Speaker Cable without switches or exotic enclosure materials and finishes”. Further, he challenged Bruce to deliver $30k in performance for $10k at the point of sale. He took the challenge. High on Bruce’s list was to maintain the lineage of the “Heritage sound” combined with the “Heritage look.”

This feat would require extreme cuts in parts, labor and materials. Machined aluminum enclosures were eliminated and switching options removed. While his circuit topologies remained similar or the same, capacitor and inductor sizes were reduced by using more "through hole" technology along with printed circuit boards. To put it simply; Bruce took Oracle and Matrix topologies, used smaller capacitors and inductors and ‘stuffed’ them into the original Shotgun and Magnum (AKA Heritage enclosures).

The Heritage MI-2C3D Series: The answer - The cable Bruce created to answer the challenge became the MI-2C3D Level 2. Complete 30K performance at a 10K price point. Challenge met. Not one to quit there, Bruce continued to “bracket” this design with another offering even better performance and one with a little less technology, offered at an even lower price point. These interfaces are the new MIT MI-2C3D Series and available at three levels and three price points; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Along with each MI-2C3D Speaker interface is an Oracle and Matrix interconnect built to the same criteria; eliminate the machined billet enclosures and hand made parts ordinarily used to create the unique MIT Oracle sound.

The Heritage EVO Series - The Evolution of performance interfaces below $4K: Over the last 35 years MIT has introduced many successful products that garnered a large following based (in part) on excellent reviews published by the absolute sound “Music Interface Technologies AVt1”,  6 moons.com  “MIT Cables Shotgun S1 Loom” , and Stereophile recommended components “MIT CVT Terminator 2”.

After completion of the 2C3D project, Bruce decided to look into keeping these three special models alive by enhancing them with improved parts and miniaturizing techniques inside other “Heritage Enclosures”. This would allow him to resurrect and perpetuate them as the EVO One, EVO Two and EVO Three models. Bruce regards this project as a ”homage" to these highly regarded products and reviewsWith the inclusion of three EVO versions, MIT will introduce the complete Heritage Series for 2017.

Over the past three decades and through to 2017, the technology used in these speaker interfaces and interconnects have received multiple industry awards including; Product of the Year, Editor’s Choice, Blue Moon, Best Sound, Best of Show, and many more. 

Heritage Series 2C3D Level One, 2C3D Level Two, and 2C3D Level Three infosheet

Read more about Heritage Series EVO One, Two, and Three

and the patented technologies Bruce Brisson has developed over the last 35 years. Including Multipole Technology. MIT Cables’ interfaces are engineered to have multiple Articulation Poles optimized for the lows, mids, and highs. Our Poles of Articulation synergistically work together to transport the audio signal with a more even response than just a single cable, as if multiple cables are being used together.

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