CVT Terminator 1 RCA Interconnect

CVT Terminator 1 RCA Interconnect


Past Product: No Longer Available

12 Articulation Poles!
According to Wikipedia, a Hybrid is the combination of two or more different things, aimed at achieving a particular objective or goal. According to MIT Cables, it's the combination of two or more different technologies, aimed at producing the absolute best interface for the dollar. MIT Cables is pleased to announce the CVT Terminator I and CVT Terminator II Hybrid interfaces.

We have applied this hybrid principal to our latest offering, the new CVT Terminator II and the new CVT Terminator I Speaker Cables. These new Hybrids are a combination of the tried and true MIT Terminator modules that are found on the Output, or Terminating End of products such as Terminator 2 and Terminator 3.

Additionally, Bruce Brisson designed networks that were integrated with the Terminator modules, resulting in the widening of the articulation bandwidth of the earlier Terminator designs. Completing this Hybrid design is the addition of our CVT Coupler. CVT modules are used on the input side of our most expensive Reference line products. The CVT Coupler deals with a very common problem for any interface: reflecting energy back at the source component. This powerful combination of technologies controls energy reflections at the input while increasing the bandwidth of articulation at the output. Both new designs deliver an unprecedented number of articulation poles /points, for the price.

Sold in pairs.