Oracle V1.3 HR Speaker Cable
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Oracle V1.3 HR Speaker Cable

Price per Unit (pair): $41,999.00

Past Product: No Longer Available

Still looking for the most natural and lifelike sound reproduction? Most audiophiles would compare the audible improvement of the Fractional Articulation Technology (F.A.T.) to an upgrade of loudspeakers or other components. Even more are surprised to discover that installing MIT’s HR interfaces will return more of a system upgrade for less money than the usual component upgrade. Why? Because "just cable" is an inefficient, single articulation pole low-pass filter and is extremely inefficient at transporting power equally across the entire audio bandwidth. MIT’s Generation 3 HR speaker interfaces with Multipole™ Technology are built using the proven 2C3D technology platform.

  • 80 Articulation Poles, 105 Articulation Poles in HR Mode
  • Unprecedented dimensionality.
  • A deep, naturally black background provides for excellent contrast between the vocals and instruments.
  • Best in class Generation 3 Technology retains the tonal complexity and natural harmonic structure of the audio signal.
  • Fractional Articulation Technology reveals the music that exists within each octave down to the minutest detail, adding to the texture and density of the musical experience.

Sold in pairs.