Shotgun S2 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface
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Shotgun S2 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

Price per Unit (pair): $1,699.00

Past Product: No Longer Available

True to its heritage, the Shotgun 2 continues in the wave of its lineage by delivering unbelievable impact and immediacy, while retaining the finesse needed to reproduce the nuances of the original recording venue. Beautiful to look at, the all black construction blends easily into any system. While presenting a dark background, the S2 develops a deep and dimensional image contrasted by the sheer absence of noise. With a lowest octave “knee point” of 52 Hz, images lock into place and air surrounds each, providing the listener with the sense that there is nothing between them and the music. Compare the S2 and see how to get impact – with finesse. (Uses MIT patented iconnTM connectors—4 spades and 4 bananas included).

Sold in pairs.