Magnum 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface, 8ft
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Magnum 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface, 8ft

Price per Unit (piece): $10,399.00

64 Articulation Poles - Bi-Wire

MIT's newMagnum 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interfaces deliver what you expect from MIT interfaces: excellent articulation, a large soundstage and a “musicality”far beyond “just cable”. Only the engineers at MIT understand the differences between harmonics, inharmonics and overtones and how “just cable” can negatively impact the music’s timbre. MIT cables preserve the natural timbre of the music because the natural harmonics of the music are not replaced with overtones.

With 64 poles of articulation, the Magnum 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface boasts a 39% increase in performance over its predecessor, the Magnum MA. The Magnum 2.5 Bi-Wire provides a smooth linear response on a black background, delivering the broadest range of features and performance for the least amount of money! Rather than the user selectable feature of the Oracle Matrix Super HD 90, F.A.T. has been fixed into the interface’s network boxes. Though this interface does not have the traditional CVT ® Coupler at the input, the coupler circuitry has been included requiring a larger enclosure at the input combined with F.A.T. technology.

Sold in pairs.