Oracle V1.5 Phono Interconnect

Oracle V1.5 Phono Interconnect

65 Articulation Poles
The Oracle V1.5 Phono interconnect features all new phono topology, bringing the noise floor down and increasing the number of poles by15%! The result is a breathtaking improvement across the audio spectrum and rock solid imaging at any sound pressure level with natural timbre and largest soundstage of any Oracle V Series interconnect ever. The Oracle V1.5 delivers on the promise of “best performance ever” in your Phono setup.

Comes with DIN or RCA connections, switchable impedance and now with the Adjustable Articulation Response Module, or “ A.A.R.M.” A.A.R.M. provides the listener with a fully adjustable articulation control, for correct timbre and tonality in the most difficult sound rooms, to make it possible to retrieve more information from vinyl recordings.

Sold as singles.