Oracle V1.5 RCA Interconnect

Oracle V1.5 RCA Interconnect

95 Articulation Poles
  • Hand laid cable construction offers optimal control, best shielding, fastest transients with better energy storage for extended bass reproduction without congestion. Smoother high frequencies without fatiguing HF artifacts.
  • Hand wound coil construction and every circuit matched to exact tolerances to paint rock solid images on darkest background.
  • Multipole Technology–68 Poles of Articulation for more useable musical bandwidth from 20khz
  • Adjustable Articulation Response Module (A.A.R.M.) dial to fine tune system articulation for difficult rooms.
  • Adjustable impedance matching for mixed components.
  • SIT® (Stable Image Technology) and JFA® (Jitter Free Analog).
  • Three dimensional soundstage with X and Y axis extending furthest of any interface, well beyond normal room boundaries and Z axis penetrating beyond front facing wall. More spatial information is preserved to better reproduce the recording venue.
  • “V” Configuration (cable enters and exits the enclosure on the same end) allows the interconnect housing to be placed on a nearby shelf or floor for ease of set-up, access to the controls and strain relief to the cables.
  • Generation 5 technology retains the tonal complexity and natural harmonic structure of the audio signal, stable at any sound pressure level

  • Our "cost no object" manufacturing process of the Oracle V1.5 Audio Interconnect and highest number of articulation poles ensures best performance possible from any world class system.

    Sold in pairs.