Shotgun 3.5 XLR Interconnect

Shotgun 3.5 XLR Interconnect

4 Articulation Poles (XLR)

    The Shotgun 3.5 XLR uses new smaller Multipole™ circuitry hidden within the RCA connector, making it the most advanced connector in the world! MIT engineering has successfully miniaturized Multipole Technology to the size of a button. It is then sandwiched inside a unique RCA connector. You'll hear better bass, cleaner midrange and enhanced image and focus from this svelte RCA enclosure design that is as easy to install as any non-networked cable design.

  • Multipole circuitry inside!–Hear tight, articulate bass, clearer midrange and enhanced image & focus across a wide bandwidth. It's like having three times the performance over “just cable”!
  • High VP conductor geometry with 99.9999% hybrid conductors using silver and copper–Pure materials deliver the lowest resistance for improved performance.
  • Gold plated RCAs with Teflon® dielectric–for improved signal transfer & a reliable connection.
  • Dual shields–for improved noise rejection.

Sold in pairs.