Magnum 1.5 Speaker Interface
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Magnum 1.5 Speaker Interface

Price per Unit (piece): $15,999.00

90/115 Articulation Poles

Unsurpassed control of articulation and imaging with Fractional Articulation Technology

Fractional Articulation Technology, developed with a test and measurement technique called Fractional Octave Analysis, is the latest breakthrough in component interfacing from MIT Cables. Building on MA-X Technology, which reveals the entire spectrum of out-of-octave harmonics, F.A.T. reveals all of the music that exists inter-octave. By selecting HD and engaging F.A.T., one hears lifelike transients and improved detail within the octaves of complex music.

The listener can choose standard definition with 90 Poles of Articulation or high definition (FAT) with 115 Poles of Articulation. This choice is purely subjective, and is system and listening environment dependant.

The Magnum 1.5 Speaker Interface is sleek and rakish in appearance, and beautifully finished in a multi-coat Ferrari silver. A new CNC machined T6 aluminum billet enclosure isolates and protects sympathetic vibrations from entering the internal networks to avoid any loss of image. This extra measure dramatically reduces the possibility of additional distortions entering the system at elevated sound pressure levels. Built to exacting tolerances from end to end, the Magnum 1.5 Speaker Interface is the ultimate interface for the discerning audiophile!

Sold in pairs.