Oracle V1.5 HR Wide Bi-Wire Speaker Interface
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Oracle V1.5 HR Wide Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

Price per Unit (piece): $53,999.00

The Oracle V1.5 HR Wide Bi-Wire Speaker Interface with 131/155 poles!

Features & Benefits

  • Hand built parts to exacting tolerances.
  • Best in class Generation 5/DOT 5 Technology retains the tonal complexity and natural harmonic structure of the audio signal.
  • A deep, naturally black background provides for excellent contrast between the vocals and instruments.
  • FAT (Fractional Articulation Technology) reveals the music that exists within each octave, adding to the texture and density of the musical experience. 131 Articulation Poles (SD), 156 Articulation Poles (HD)
  • AARM–Adjustable Articulation Response Module enables fine tuning of interface for optimal balance of transients, detail & imaging.
  • The Oracle V1.5 HR includes 2C3D™ technology. The core technology of 2C3D has enhanced soundstage and imaging ability due to three proprietary MIT technologies: SIT® (Stable Image Technology), JFA® (Jitter Free Analog) and FAT® (Fractional Articulation Technology).

    The V1.5HR also adds a new tuning feature: A.A.R.M.™ (Adjustable Articulation Response Module). A.A.R.M gives the user the fine tuning capability of reducing (for lively rooms) or increasing (for highly absorptive rooms) efficiency to the Poles of Articulation, giving the user the only speaker interface capable of tuning to the most difficult of rooms.

    About 2C3D technology

    2C3D is a technology pioneered by Bruce Brisson, founder of MIT Cables. As the name suggests, 2C3D was engineered to create a believable three dimensional soundstage from a two channel system. 2C3D technology offers the optimal balance between detail, imaging and soundstage. 2C3D makes it easy to identify each of the individual instruments and voices within a well defined soundstage,at any volume level.

    The Adjustable Articulation Response Module

    The Oracle MA-X articulation selector allows the listener to “fine tune” this interface for optimal balance between transients, detail, imaging and musicality. All with the simple rotation of the MIT patent-pending Articulation Selector integrated into every Oracle MA-X interconnect. It is purely subjective when deciding where the selector switch should be set—experiment a bit and set the selector switch where you feel your system performance is best, and enjoy the music!

    Sold in pairs.