Oracle V3.5 HR Wide Speaker Interface

Oracle V3.5 HR Wide Speaker Interface

The Oracle V3.5 HR Wide Speaker Interface with 70/95 poles!

Features & Benefits

  • Solid BIllet Aluminum enclosure
  • Hand built parts to specific tolerances
  • Improved bass response, a more textured midrange and more articulate high frequencies
  • FAT (Fractional Articulation Technology) reveals the music that exists within each octave, adding to the texture and density of the musical experience. 70 Articulation Poles (SD), 95 Articulation Poles (HD)
  • AARM–Adjustable Articulation Response Module enables fine tuning of interface for optimal balance of transients, detail & imaging.
  • Based on the original V3, and adding Fractional Articulation Technology (“F.A.T”) to make what MIT calls HD (High Definition) performance, MIT engineers have integrated its legendary 2C3D technology into the Generation 5 version of our most popular interface.

    About 2C3D technology

    2C3D is a technology pioneered by Bruce Brisson, founder of MIT Cables. As the name suggests, 2C3D was engineered to create a believable three dimensional soundstage from a two channel system. 2C3D technology offers the optimal balance between detail, imaging and soundstage. 2C3D makes it easy to identify each of the individual instruments and voices within a well defined soundstage, at any volume level.

    Fractional Articulation Technology and HR Switching

    With the simple turn of a switch, you can move from “standard definition” to “high definition” mode by activating Fractional Articulation Technology (F.A.T.). First introduced in our Maximum Articulation products, F.A.T. is now included in the Oracle V1.3 HR speaker interface. F.A.T. enables these interfaces to retrieve additional information that resides within each octave of the musical signal, forming individual images with crisp detail and without artificial hardness. Smooth and liquid from top to bottom, F.A.T. precisely extracts information lost by other cables, rendering incredible detail and solid image placement with more lifelike transients than ever thought possible. The result: Increased timbre, texture and unparalleled detail, while preserving delicate spatial information.

    The Adjustable Articulation Response Module

    The Oracle MA-X articulation selector allows the listener to “fine tune” this interface for optimal balance between transients, detail, imaging and musicality. It is purely subjective when deciding where the selector switch should be set—experiment a bit and set the selector switch where you feel your system performance is best, and enjoy the music!

    Sold in pairs.