Shotgun 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

Shotgun 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

20 Articulation Poles - Bi-Wire

MIT's new Shotgun 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interfaces deliver what you expect from MIT interfaces: excellent articulation, a large soundstage and a “musicality”far beyond “just cable”. Only the engineers at MIT understand the differences between harmonics, inharmonics and overtones and how “just cable” can negatively impact the music’s timbre. MIT cables preserve the natural timbre of the music because the natural harmonics of the music are not replaced with overtones.

The Shotgun 2.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface provides a highly articulate, smooth and linear audio response on a low-noise background, delivering the broadest range of features and performance for the least amount of money! The Matrix 18 also includes our patented CVT® Coupler, which eliminates reflected energy. These energy reflections occur in any system, and can cause oscillation in the system amp as well as other problems.

The Shotgun 2.5 Bi-Wire uses the iconn™ pin-based connector system, giving you the choice of either banana or spade connectors (included) for your cable terminations. Use the connector that's best suited for your amp and speaker for a tight, trouble-free connection!

Sold in pairs.