Shotgun 3.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

Shotgun 3.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface

14 Articulation Poles - Bi-Wire

MIT's new Shotgun 3.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interfaces deliver what you expect from MIT interfaces: excellent articulation, a large soundstage and a “musicality”far beyond “just cable”. Only the engineers at MIT understand the differences between harmonics, inharmonics and overtones and how “justcable” can negatively impact the music’s timbre. MIT cables preserve the natural timbre of the music because the natural harmonics of the music are not replaced with overtones.

Shotgun 3.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface builds upon the extremely popular AVt1 Bi-Wire speaker interface, but in a smaller network enclosure at the output (speaker) end. Shotgun 3.5 Bi-Wire Speaker Interface is a superb performer, using 14 Poles of Articulation. You can expect great detail and focus with a wide, deep soundstage. This cable uses eight-conductor geometry and P.E. insulation for excellent bass and low distortion. Comes terminated with bananas (input) and spades (output) for solid, reliable connections.

Sold in pairs.