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The Absolute Sound 2018 Editors' Choice - TAS 2018 March Issue #281

"The Vero50ex is Music Interface Technology’s first headphone amplifier, and the first product to incorporate in active electronics (rather than in cables) the company’s “2C3D” and “Multipole” technologies. The result, as in MIT’s cables, is a spectacular soundstage that moves the image outside your head. With a warmish tonal balance, the Vero is unfatiguing. With 3W of output power, the Vero- 50ex will drive any head- phones with ease."

The Absolute Sound - Ultimate Guide to Headphones and Personal Audio

"...the MIT (Vero Reference) cable and (50ex) amp are as good as Robert Harley has heard in revealing low-level and individual musical lines in complex passages."

Bob - Retired Orchestra Conductor

"The music moved me in such a way that it's the closest I can get to being there. It literally brought a tear to my eye."

Introducing the Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier - the worlds first high current, battery powered Class AB headphone amp housed with MIT’s Multipole™ Technology. Until now, MIT’s Multipole™ Technology has only been housed within the "boxes" found in MIT Cable’s award winning products. For the first time ever, MIT is now putting this technology inside of an amplifier.

MIT Cables Vero Headphone Series Authorized Dealers

Toma Audio, AU

Audio Reference, NZ

Roksan, CH/HK

More Music, NL

Audio Graffiti, IT

Advanced Home Theater, TX

Goodwins High End, MA

Overture AV, DE

HiFi Heaven, WI Cables

from Pros to Audiophiles...

Scott Hull -

"The sound was tonally full and expansive, with excellent bass response and dynamics..Extremely impressive."

Frank Iacone - Headphone.Guru

"The music was cleaner and clearer...I became consumed!"

Dustin - Vero Beta Tester

"The only way I can explain it is that I can hear more of everything but it is in all the right's extraordinary!"

Q: What do you get with 50 poles of articulation?

A: The pinnacle of personal audio playback.

More natural Timbre— to capture the true “voice of the instrument”. Improves the ability to distinguish differences between the delicate nuance of a trumpet from that of a cornet. Each instrument is capable of playing the same note but each will “express” with its unique voice.
More harmonic information is preserved— to allow the listener to separate voices in a chorus or various instruments in the pit. Each element becomes more distinguishable when space between the instruments is better defined.
More natural textures— to accurately portray the proper den- sity of the notes as they are painted on the extraordinarily dark and quiet background.
More dimension— is added to the sonic envelope making it easier to define space between instruments.

The moniker Vero 50ex denotes 50 poles of articulation and the lower case “ex” calls attention to the extra performance provided by MIT Multipole™ technology.

This is the first time Multipole™ has ever been used on active circuits. The results are nothing less than astonishing. Silent Power™ is delivered by three Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries to create the deepest, blackest background. Similar to the experience of looking at stars from a remote mountain top, minute audio details are readily identified against the velvet black space battery power provides. The Vero 50ex includes two separate sections of Multipole circuits. The first is on the input section and the second Is on the output stage. This design approach allows Multipole™ to control analog jitter, increase soundstage and enhance the sense of dynamics. Allows much greater freedom of movement between the quietest passages and the most explosive crescendos due to increased headroom.

Features and Benefits:

  • Silent Power™–Battery powered supply circuit for super low noise floor
  • 3 Watts of class AB power
  • 10k input impedance for high current applications
  • 47 ohm output for enhanced stability
  • Frequency response: +/- 1/2 dbu from 3Hz to 60kHz for any type of critical listening
  • Gain = 13dB or a ratio of 20X for extra headroom
  • X talk -80 @ 1kHz keeps images crisp and clear
  • 11.5” X 8.5” X 2.5” size makes use and storage easy and transporting easier
  • 6.0 lbs– can sit on any surface without fear of overloading
  • Signal to noise: >88dBu for best low level resolution
  • 1/8th inch and RCA inputs for ease of use on most equipment
  • 1/4 inch outputs are robust and extremely easy to use
  • 4-pin XLR output included for premium connectivity
The Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier with Multipole Technology Inside

Read more about the Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier

The succesful Indiegogo Campaign that helped shape and refine the Vero 29 Headphone Amplifier in 2015/16, has now culminated in the Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier. Recognizing the growing personal audio market and responding to our customers feedback throughout the development of the Vero 29 lifecycle, Bruce Brisson has once again expanded the boundries of presenting the best attainable audio experiance - now in a headphone amplifier - the Vero 50ex.

Click to download the MIT Cables Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier "with Multipole Technology Inside" brochure.

The Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier Operation Manual

The Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier Operation Manual

"Before any use, please begin by turning the volume control knob full left counter clockwise to protect your ears, and disconnect the head- phones. This procedure will protect you from unexpectedly high volume levels at start up. From there, please proceed:..."

Click to download the MIT Cables Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier Operation Manual

MIT Cables continues to lead a growing number of “cable companies” in research, design and manufacturing of reference level audio interfaces. After creating the performance cable category with the “Interlink Reference RCA” (Monster cable ca 1982). By continuing this research MIT remains at the forefront of this misunderstood science for more than three decades. This contribution to the art of listening is paralleled by MIT Cables Z series AC power conditioning and noise filtering technologies. The Vero headphone dongle and headphone cables are a logical extension and MIT’s first entry into the personal audio realm. All models include MIT’s patented Multipole Technology, featured in MIT Cables’ legendary audio interfaces. The dongles are designed to complement your existing cable choice, and the headphone cable is designed on a silent (non- microphonic) cable group and jacket to provide quiet delivery of the audio signal without the added sounds of a cable rubbing on a collar or sleeve.

By using MIT’s Multipole Technology, both the Vero Full Range and Vero Reference models will create a lifelike immersive listening experience against a deep black background. There are differences in the two designs for those who may have an mp3 based playback system or headphones that are more frugal by design, or for the budding audio enthusiast on a budget. For this reason, we offer two performance levels.

Rest assured that both designs will outperform any competitor’s product with multi-patented circuits and are proven in the field by scores of recording professionals and audio experts, worldwide.

Vero, meaning “true” in Italian, is the essence of our latest designs aiming at “truth in music”. With this new headphone interface installed, you find yourself suspended in a giant three-dimensional space where the background is black, silent and expansive beyond normal perceived boundaries. Natural timbre and textures will sound lifelike, providing a spacious sound that separates the listener from the equipment and setting the stage for the closest thing yet to “truth in music”.

Now offered with most Headphone terminations, MIT offers you a choice in performance levels and input jacks. We offer extended lengths that are not cost prohibitive when you want to have your amp across the room, balcony or boat. Just figure the distance you want, the phones you are connecting to and the type of input you favor.


from Pros to Audiophiles...

Robert Harley - Editor - The Absolute Sound

"MIT’s Vero Reference is the best headphone cable we’ve heard, and our 2017 Headphone Cable of the Year Award winner. (Ultimate Guide to Headphones and Personal Audio)"

Thomas Moore - Four-Time GRAMMY Winning Recording Producer/Engineer

"You might not know just how good your headphones really are unless you have the MIT Vero cabling. The way that Vero provides a crystal clear, transparent, and three dimensional listening experience with a headphone is nothing short of astounding."

Ian Dobie - Recording Engineer

"Adapter (Vero Dongle)on ATH-M50- Big change in tonal soundscape. Imaging became wider, high frequency information smoothed out, mid range opened up, bass had better resonance and tone overall became more accurate and natural."

Vero Reference headphone cables and dongles have 21 Poles of Articulation – almost twice the performance! of the Vero Full Range cables and dongles.   The difference is dramatic and has been described as “holographic”. Nine additional Articulation Poles synergistically work together to transport the audio signal with a more even, or flatter response that "just cable".

Vero Reference Features & Benefits:

  • Multipole Technology–21 Poles of Articulation deliver MIT Cables’ signature performance to your headphone system.
  • Three-dimensional space where the background is black, silent and void of “walls”.
  • Reproduces natural timbre and textures, producing a greater sense of imaging, fine detail and micro dynamics.
  • Available in: XLR, 1/4 inch and 3.5 terminations.

Vero Reference Headphone Cables available for:

Easy to use Dongles. The Vero Reference “dongle” is designed to be used with any good headphone cable. Simply plug the Vero into your source, connect your existing headphone cable into the Vero “dongle”, and enjoy the performance!

Brian Murphy -

"...soundstage sounded larger across all of the songs."

"...horns had more life to their sound with better clarity and emphasis on the attacks."

"...filled the soundstage more, giving a closer presentation"

"Goose bumps. Goose bumps everywhere.”

"In my 16 years of audio experience I’ve not seen a headphone cable make as much of a difference as this."

Robert Friedrich - GRAMMY Award winning Recording Engineer/Producer

"My observations with the two different cables compared to the stock cables are as follows.

1. The short MIT adapter attached to the stock cable better integrated the mid range and high frequency. Sounded like better channel isolation. Big improvement.

2. With the replacement cable, the low end in addition to the mid and highs were perfectly integrated, more what I would expect from loudspeakers. Image was not only wider but deeper too. Everything was extremely clear and easy to listen to. Very impressive!"

"Each case was significant, but clearly the home run was the most transparent."

"I put back the stock cable back on and I didn't want to listen to it anymore :(."

The Vero Full headphone cables and dongles interfaces utilize MIT Cables patented Multipole™ Technology, which is a parallel and passive network that helps maintain the quality of the signal as it passes from source to headphones. Vero Full Range cables have 12 Poles of Articulation strategically placed across the audible spectrum (20hz-20khz).

Vero Full Features & Benefits:

  • Multipole Technology–12 Poles of Articulation deliver MIT Cables’ signature performance to your headphone system.
  • Three-dimensional space where the background is black, silent and void of “walls”.
  • Reproduces natural timbre and textures, producing a greater sense of imaging, fine detail and micro dynamics.
  • Available in: XLR, 1/4 inch and 3.5 terminations.

Vero Full Range Cables available for:

Easy to use Dongles. The Vero Full“dongle” is designed to be used with any good headphone cable. Simply plug the Vero into your source, connect your existing headphone cable into the Vero “dongle”, and enjoy the performance!