Profile of Excellence: Leslie Ann Jones, discount Skywalker Sound

Leslie Ann Jones is a multiple Grammy Award-winning recording engineer working as Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound, pharmacy a Lucasfilm, Ltd. company. She is a past Chair of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Board of Trustees, the organization that awards Grammys. She is the daughter of novelty drummer, percussionist and bandleader Spike Jones and his wife, singer Helen Grayco.

"We have been using MIT cables on our Scoring Stage for microphones and speakers for several years. In 2002 we did a major renovation which included a new Neve 88R analog console, a 5.1 B&W Nautilus 802 speaker system, and Chord amps. It provided us with an opportunity to have Bruce Brisson design a cable specifically for this install, and the results were stunning! All of our clients have commented on the realism depicted by the system. The detail and imaging are better than anything I have heard, and for my own recording and mixing I rarely use another speaker system. When I do use smaller speakers I still use MIT cables.

"My work generally goes to Paul Stubblebine for mastering and my mixes translate extremely well. Of course Paul also uses MIT Cables."


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Skywalker Sound
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