MIT Cables Testimonials

"This gives me an excuse to provide you feedback that you already know. I have issues with power in my home that has kicked my audio butt for a long time. I put in the old Z Center and the power supplies to my line-pre and phono-pre were dramatically quieted. I installed the Z-Powerbar and again there was a greater effect on those power supplies. I was very pleased. I had been using another fine product (PS Audio P5) and it does very nice things. I had my front end going into it. The results were terrific as everything went through the line-pre that was being driven by the Z-Powerbar. Then I put all the front end into the Z-Powerbar. DAMN! OK, all the things of darker, more stable sound-stage, clarity, liquid mids, etc. were not just enhanced a little, but a lot. I am a guy in which timbre is paramount. All the other stuff is good and important, but if the timbre is not right, I do not care. It is in this area that I am very pleased and in which this unit excels. I simply played CD after CD and made comparisons going back and forth between the two. There is no question.

I believe in first impressions, but I also know that different might not be better. Ergo it is imperative to check. All that did was confirm over and over what I had heard so dramatically. Yes, the Matrix 50 (51) is killer and I will be matching all the front end with that. LOL, my AV system will benefit for other Matirx cords that will go into it now.

Today I will be watching and remembering all the Inaugurals of the past in which I had a very small part -- the parade, and the parties. It is one very long day for the military bands in DC."

Col. Lowell E. Graham (ret.)
Chairman of the Music Department and the Director of Orchestral Activities at the University of Texas at El Paso
past conductor for the Air Force One band

"Hi Kent: MiT 3i’s (650 hours). Simply awesome!

  • Frequency balance –check
  • Clarity and detail –check
  • Resolution –double check
  • Liquidity –triple check (at this price-point it is unheard of. In fact, save for the finest ic’s out there, it’s rarely heard!)
  • Natural acoustic –double check
  • That rare sense of “realism” –excellent (triple check)
  • Bottom-to-top coherence –amazing!
  • Bottom-end –beautifully delineated and transparent –again, a rare quality in anything other than top-notch ic’s
  • Fundamentals, pitch, tonality and overtones flow brilliantly
  • The sheer listener involvement and musical pleasure derived –priceless !
  • Cable construction and RCA plugs –excellent
  • Packaging –excellent
  • Made in USA --a great decision!
Guy’s, you say “3X just cable” (MIT-3’s)? Try 30 times! $150 ? The greatest bargain I can think of. God forbid I start to listen to your better stuff. You have truly created a spectacular product. No need to be modest. I take it these are a relatively newly introduced series ? I recall MIT from 25-years ago. I was surprised to recently hear of the name ?? I recall Mit’s earlier stuff including the (Monster) Powerline stuff etc. –that was nowhere near what you’ve created here. Once reviewer’s get their hands on these, I can’t imagine anyone not recommending them without reservation. Beautifully done!"

Thanks kindly, peter jasz

"I have just purchased an AVT 1 digital interconnect, and all I can say is, "wow." Definitely the best digital cable I have heard so far. I thought about replacing my NAD 521 CD player that I am using as a transport. But as soon as I put the AVT 1 cable in the chain I was just floored by the way everything sounded. Like a veil had been lifted. Every nuance was right there, even tape hiss and what sounded like microphone feedback. Elvis Presley just sounds amazing, I can even hear him take a breath before he starts to sing. My friend said that he even heard someone drop something and that he could hear it clatter to the studio floor, if AVT 1 sounds this good I wonder what the top of the line Oracle cable would reveal. You guys are definitely the best. Thank you for opening my eyes and ears. Music is enjoyable again."

Hans Ziegler

"I have worked in High-End Audio & Automation for over ten years and why I was not an MIT dealer all of that time I do not know.

"The cables I have added to my modest mid-fi system over the past several weeks have changed my understanding, perception and expectations from interconnects and speaker cables. Not to mention understanding what it means to hear a system performing at its best. (which really means not hearing the system) Even my other half has noticed how much better our system performs at home. That alone is worth the price tag.

"If only more people understood the technical basics of signal transmission and the affects a poor cable topology/design can have on their systems overall performance.

"Anyway, thank you for doing what you do and thank you for making me a true believer in MIT technology. I am proud to say I will not use any other cable in my system, now and in the future again."

Aaron Gutin
National Sales Director
Access Networks

"I wanted to be sure that what I was hearing was real. IT IS!!! The biggest difference I hear is that the instruments sound like instruments. The cymbals sound like when a cymbal is struck in person. A piano sounds like a piano.... It is truly awesome. On vocals, I had this interesting thing. On a track that I've listened to hundreds of times I've always thought that the music over-shadowed the instruments. I immediately heard that with the MIT MA Magnum speaker cables it was balanced perfectly. The voice was detailed and imaged much better and the instruments sounded like REAL instruments, not recorded instruments. I highly recommend these and thank you for the experience.

"BTW-your burn in directions are right on. I never turned my system off (408 hrs). I would leave it on playing the Isotek burn in disk (track 2) and every night listen to the same track that I picked out. Now I'm wondering what the IC can do..."

"Thank you again."

Jason Weissman

"We thought that we were familiar with MIT cable technology, after all we have been using MIT manufactured cables (albeit with the Spectral name on them) for the last six years. However nothing could have prepared us for the leap in sound quality that has emanated as a result of their patented multipole technology.

"With speaker cables incorporating multipole technology starting at around the £200 price point, these cables should have applications in a wide range of systems.

"The ultimate expression of the ability of these cables resides in the MIT MA (Maximum Articulation) range. Awesome!

"For those who have difficulty with the concept of cables making a difference to the performance of a system, you should probably read the following:MIT Cables at Skywalker productions

"When you first hear what these cables can do, it is a bit unnerving. We hadn't experienced an effect such as these cables bring when making any other system upgrade!

"The best analogy to use is a photographic one. Insertion of one of these speaker cables featuring 'multipole' is like turning the focus ring on an SLR camera. The soundstage suddenly snaps into a three dimensional space. Musically what happens is even more profound. The harmonic envelope of instruments is better defined, for example a trumpet sounds more trumpet like and less like an undefined brass instrument. Timing is locked more solidly so, for example, the back beat provided by a rhythm section is more solid. Sibilants are improved also - our theory had always been that sibilants were not a result of excess treble energy, but treble energy presented out of time with the rest of the envelope. The effect of these cables is to reintegrate this, leading to a the contradictory feeling that are listening to a less bright sound, but with significantly better treble detail!

"Multipole technology is also incorporated into their interconnects with similar results.

"The bottom line is that these cables represent a very significant step forward in high fidelity reproduction!"

The Audio Works
United Kingdom

"I have just today heard one of your speaker cable products in a Mark Levinson system and have been totally staggered by the improvements and the 'rightness' of it all."

Steve Clements
MIT Customer

On the AutoTerminator Speaker Module Pro :
"...The MIT parts alone, in my opinion, produced about a 20-25% improvement in all the important parameters. In effect, the soundstage is in the windshield. CDs are no longer harsh or bright, cassettes have come alive, and the tuner produces near CD quality..."

Sal Accardo
New York, NY

On the AVI Component Video Interface:
"The (AVI Component Video)Cable does exactly what it says on the package. I saw significant improvement in color saturation, black level and detail. I have cables in stock costing over $300/1m from other manufacturers, and they do nothing for the picture performance!"

Bill Yungbauer
Minneapolis MN

On the AVI Component Video Interface:
"Incredible! The most amazing color and black level I've ever seen."

Jason Meyers
Santa Rosa, CA

On the AVI Reference Video Interconnect:
"The all new AVI Reference Video interconnects represent a new era in the reproduction of video playback. The colors, black level, clarity, dimension and realism are the best we've ever seen."

Terry Menacker

On the AVT Bi-wire 3 Speaker Interface:
"I connected my new MIT AVTBW3's just last night and am completely blown away by the exceptional sound quality, clarity and separation that I am experiencing from my system! Absolutely incredible!"

Randal J. Shepard
MIT Customer

On the MH-750 Bi-wire:
"I upgraded my cables to my first pair of MH 750 Bi wire. I was astonished at the difference. It was the equivalent of a speaker upgrade...

Christopher W. Zukowski
MIT Customer

On the MH-750 Plus Series II:
"I just received a 750 Plus Series II. What a dramatic difference even with 10 minutes of burn in... You have a wonderful product and somehow people need to experience it to discover what a difference cables make."

MIT Customer

On the Oracle V4:
"I think (the) MITV4 is the best speaker cable available today in Poland and maybe in the world excluding more expensive Oracle cables."

Przemyslaw Sontowski

On the Shotgun S1 Interface:
"These new MIT Shotgun S1 cables have all of the great MIT characteristics and more!"

Ronald Buffington
MIT Customer

On the Tmax Digital Coaxial Interconnect Cable:
"This is the best digital interconnect on the market... I was not only able to hear a difference in sound, I was able to measure it on my SPL meter."

Lincoln, NE

On the Video Z Reference Power Filter:
"It eliminated all geometric noise distortion. Our plasma demonstration unit exhibited AC line distortion, and the Video Z eliminated the noise."

Bill Yungbauer
Minneapolis MN

"The history and excellence of the MIT company and it's products goes without further review. MIT, with Bruce at the technical helm,has made unequalled strides in high-end audio and especially unequalled in professional audio...
...Bruce Brisson is able to point out events, in his test results, that in every case we could hear. I think that is revolutionary."

Jerry Steckling
Acoustic Engineering, Skywalker Sound

"...the techniques and test and measurement equipment Bruce (Brisson) & MIT utilize have been the only way I have found to accurately predict how the system will sound...
...The relationship works because Bruce and all of us in the Skywalker engineering department have a desire to take audio systems to levels previously not attainable."

Aaron Reiff
Chief Scoring Engineer, Skywalker Sound

" ...Bruce Brisson and MIT cable technology. Bruce worked with our engineers to arrive at a line and speaker level wire system that allowed us to minimize phase errors through the system. The resulting clarity has been a pleasure to all that use that room."

Tim McGovern
Director of Engineering , Skywalker Sound

"Can you have too much?

"This is my impression of the Oracle V3.1 to the V3.2, a phenomenal upgrade, in the bass, midrange, and treble. There are not enough words to describe the difference; I would never believe a simple cable upgrade could sound like a new component. The SOUND, a huge increase in BASS. The size and impact extended deeper with more weight and impact without being overly exaggerated, the back and sidewalls disappeared. Drums sounded more realistic, the whack of a drumstick is definitely crisper. The Depth is far more than before, I feel as though I could get up and walk around the instruments, as they are much more clearly defined with in their space. I am more aware of the tonal character of the instruments, the resonance of an acoustic guitar sounds relative to how hard it was plucked, the midrange sounds so real, as if the singer is in the room with you. You easily notice the nasql and vocal nuances of voices.

"On the CD "If this Bass could Talk" by Stanley Clarke, the last tract features Gregory Hines tap dancing, and Stanley playing the bass. The experience will transfer you into the room with them; you can hear the echoes reverberating in the hall with all the speed and pitch intact of this intense tract. The background is darker, and the upper frequencies are smooth and extended yet seem to have more presence, cymbals, bells and whistles are airy yet pronounced with out being incisive. From another room in the house the entire system sounds much more open. Over all the sound is more open, with amazing detail, detail, detail, the images are more pinpoint and rock solid front to back and side to side around the speakers. A veil or haze has been removed thus allowing one to hear and see deeper into the musical experience. Instruments and vocals sound real as if live performers surrounded you.

"The speaker cables seem to play louder, EXTREMELY dynamic (its breathtaking) faster with more attack, with tight focused bass, the upgrade sounds as if each instrument has it's own amplifier highlighting everything with in it's space, putting you in the front row. I hear so much detail I find myself listening to the CD's on another player to compare what I was' missing before. I asked my wife her impression, it sounds so real she says, as if I were at a concert sitting down in front, I hope this doesn't mean we will be staying home now. It is beyond anything I have ever heard in an upgrade, ultra detail and resolution. If one does not want to hear everything in their system this isn't the cable they want, because if there is a problem some where in the chain, it could be a real problem. A friend of mine upon listing was perplexed for 15 minutes before he realized that it was the detail present that had him flabbergasted. And no, you cannot have too much, for me music is FUN again!!!"

Don Johnson

"Dear Mr. Brisson;

"I wanted to say thank you very much for the balanced microphone cables that you sent to me! After receiving them I hooked them up to one of our systems here at DTX (Digital Theater Experts of Lincoln Nebraska) to let them burn in before I took them home to use for recording. What a difference a cable makes! I used the cable that is meant for vocals and acoustic guitar. These cables sounds much nicer than any of my previous microphone cables. The sound (now) is very rich, clear, dynamic, and it brought the digital recording that much closer to realism. After first hearing your cables at Skywalker Ranch, then becoming a dealer, and being able to use them on my home recording system I can really see that you have a genuine passion for achieving the best in audio and video because it shines through in the amazing products that you design and build. I highly recommend MIT to everyone because it is clearly, the very best. Thank you again and please, keep building the best interfaces in the world!"

Jason Shaw, Co-owner, DTX (Digital Home Theater Experts) and National Flat picking Champion, Lincoln Nebraska

"Received the MIT shipment today. WOW! I got these babies hooking up the surround-sound Parasound Halo gear and the 2-channel Arcam FMJ gear and my jaw just dropped to the floor. Peter wasnt joking about these things imaging well. They image better than ANYTHING I have ever used. For reference, I have some Nordost SPM reference from my own collection and Audience Au24 cables loaned out by the rep (both highly regarded) and the MIT cables beat them in all regards. The Audience isnt even close at resolving fine detail or opening up the soundstage like the MITs. The Nordost is close, but I am hearing sibilance artifacts with the Nordost (too bright) and lacks midrange purity (too metallic). The MITs are so detailed, but neutral throughout the entire spectrum. The hype ends here. This is the real deal. The Z-Stabilizer is great as well. I am hoping you have a rack mount version with more inlets but I didnt see any your current catalog. Let me know. I cant even imagine what the more expensive Shotgun and Oracle cables could do in these setups. We will definately have to get some more cables in here. I am excited to hear these cables on the ML speakers (should have them in by next week). Thanks for all your help and I will be in touch the next couple of days. If you could send me over any promo materials you might have such as product documents, flyers, etc."

Matthew Eiser
Audio Architect