Hi-Fi World (UK), March 2008— AVt1 Interconnect, AVt1 Speaker Cable

This review was originally published in Hi-Fi World Magazine in March 2008.
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£197 - 2metres
AVt-S1 Loudspeaker Cables
£505 - 3metres

There can be little that inflames many audiophiles like a debate about cables. Hi-Fi World is well aware of the benefits that good ones bring, but still cannot recommend spending silly amounts on them before the basic system hardware (source, amplification, speakers, etc.) is right first. They undoubtedly do make a difference, but on a purely material cost level it's hard to see how some high end prices are justified. Happily though, we can't level such criticism at MIT with their AVT series of interconnects...

The company hails from Rocklin in California, and founder Bruce Bisson first started developing cables back in the 1970s. Many of his designs were licensed to Monster in the 1980s but in1984 he branched out and founded MIT (Music Interface Technologies) in order to develop his own range of audio, video and mains cables.

Where MIT's designs differ are in their use of passive networks along the cable in order to improve their transmission efficiency over a wide frequency range. MIT state that, "all cables have on ideal area where the capacitance, inductance, and articulation. This describes a single-pole of articulation. With Multipole networks, we can create additional poles (within the cable) for ideal behaviour over a broader range than just cable."

The AVt (Audio Video terminator) series are second up from the base of MIT's range and the '1' level comes above the '2' and '3' levels in this family. The AVt-S1 loudspeaker cables us 'eight conductor' geometry and P.P. insulation, and incorporate both a multipole network and MIT's 'Iconn" connection system, where each conductor terminates in a gold plated screw thread, to which you can attach the connector of your choice - MIT supply both 4mm plugs and chunky spade terminals.

The AVt-1 interconnects are the matching items, offering '5 Patented Articulation Poles' over a standard cable's one, along with hybrid copper and silver conductor construction, dual shields and some very hefty locking phono plugs. Certainly in terms of build quality and construction, the AVt series items are very impressive, but does their performance convince?

In a word, yes. These are one of the most impressive cables we have auditioned. Listening to the loudspeaker cables first, the AVt-S1s a offered a noticeable improvement over the van den Hul Royal Jade at World Towers. The MITs opened up the soundstage to let the whole performance flow from the loudspeakers and out into the room. The Jades are no slouches in this respect, but the AVt-S1s still showed them a clean pair of heels.

In frequency terms, bass was solid and tight and the MIT cables added crispness and richness to the mid and upper frequencies that made instruments easier to follow, adding precision to leading edges and making it easier to pick up on subtle effects that normally remained tucked away in the back of the performance. Strings were better defined, cymbals sounded more metallic and vocalists gained extra body and scale.

Even more surprising were the AVt-1 interconnects, which did all the above plus more besides. Substituting these between CD player and amplifier was an ear-opening experience, not only in the way that they opened up the image scale, but also made everything snap into focus with real precision. Whether the source material was classical, rock, dance or jazz, the AVt-1s simply made everything sound more real, giving definition and an increased sense of impact to everything. A really impressive product that is worth the asking price in both construction and performance terms.[Contact: Audiobility, +44(0)870 777 2991, audiobilityuk.net]