CES 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

MIT at CES 2018:MIT Cables is interfacing the Constellation Suite 29-116 in the Venetian Tower with other top High End Exhibitors. For your listening pleasure Irv Gross is spinning Vinyl on the Continuum Turntable or streaming digital audio via Constellations’ Cygnus Media Server. If you have never attended one of Irv’s demos, be certain to come by for some real fun. I guarantee you will not forget it!

The MIT Z-Strip will provide clean power while MIT Oracle MA-X balanced interfaces make the connections to the preamp and the Taurus Stereo power amp. Magico S3 MK II loudspeakers are driven via new MIT Heritage Series 2C3D Level 1 Speaker Cables. This new speaker cable is a $25K performer that retails for about $15K, by using miniaturized circuitry to eliminate our beautifully Machined Aluminum enclosures everybody loves but few can easily afford.

MIT Cables approaches cabling to properly interface components to operate as a single unit, or “System”. A System approach creates a single voice from many different contributors, similar to an orchestra or chorus made up of many voices. Similar to tuning an orchestra to a single perfect pitch, properly interfaced components can become more than the sum of its parts. We celebrate with our exhibit partners and all that contributed to creating the sonic experience at each of the several rooms.

MIT Cables

Venetian Tower,Suite Suite 29-116


Power Cable: Oracle ZIII power cord
Power Conditioner: MIT Z-Strip
Phono Interconnect: MIT Oracle MA-X Phono
Phono Preamp Interconnect: MIT Oracle MA-X Pro
Source Interconnect: MIT Oracle MA-X Pro Rev3
Audio Interconnect: MIT Oracle MA-C Pro with impedance matching Constellation
Speaker Interface: MIT Heritage Series 2C3D Level 1 Speaker Interfaces


Venetian Tower,Suite Suite 29-116


Loudspeakers: Magico S3MK.2


Venetian Tower,Suite Suite 29-116


Analog Source: Continuum Turntable
Digital Source: Cygnus Media Server
Amplifier: Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0
Phono Preamp: Constellation Andromeda Phono stage
Pre Amplifier: Constellation Pictor
Stereo Amplifier: Constellation Taurus Stereo Power Amp