CES 2014 - Las Vegas, NV



MIT at CES: This year MIT Cables is pleased to announce our presence at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Along with the top of the line Oracle Series of audio interfaces, we will also be introducing the latest release of the SL-Matrix Series. We invite you to join us in the following venues to experience what 2014 will bring.

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Read the Latest Review—new SL-Matrix 50 and 90 Audio Interfaces!

The review: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue70/mit_slcables.htm

MIT Cables Suite

Venetian 29-321


Speaker Cables: MIT Cables Oracle MA-X SHD Speaker Interfaces
Interconnects: MIT Cables Oracle MA-SHD Audio Interconnects
MIT Cables Oracle MA-SHD Proline Audio Interconnects
SL-Matrix Digital USB
Phono Cable:: MIT Cables Oracle MA-X Phono Cable
Power: MIT Cables Z Powerbar
MIT Cables Oracle ZIII
Loudspeakers: Magico Q3
Amplifiers: Spectral DMA-260 or 300 amplifier
Preamp: Spectral DMA-30SS Preamp
Phono Preamp: Sutherland Engineering Phono Blocks
Digital Source: Spectral SDR-4000 Reference CD Processor
Analog Source: AMG V12 turntable
DAC: Light Harmonic DaVinci DAC w/ Macbook Air

Martin Logan Venue 1

Venetian 29-140


Speaker Cables: MIT Cables SL-Matrix 70 Speaker interface
Interconnects: MIT Cables SL-Matrix36 interconnects
MIT Cables SL-Matrix26 Interconnects
AVT Modules
Loudspeakers: Martin Logan Montis (3)
Amplifiers: Rogue Amplifiers
Source: Oppo Bluray player

Martin Logan Venue 2

Venetian 29-140


Speaker Cables: MIT Cables SL-Matrix 39 BW Speaker interfaces
Interconnects: MIT Cables SL-Matrix USB
Loudspeakers: Martin Logan Motion 60
Amplifiers: Rogue Amplifiers
Digital Source: Oppo Bluray player

Light Harmonic Room

Venetian Suite 29-330


Speaker Cables: MIT Cables Oracle Matrix SHD120 (8foot - 36" custom output tails)Speaker Interfaces
Interconnects: Oracle MA-X, rev 2 interconnects
Power: Z series powercords
Z Powerbar line conditioner and power distribution center
Loudspeakers: Magico Q1 two way loudspeakers (mini monitors)
Amplifiers: Pass Laboratories XA 160.5 stereo class A amplifier
Preamp: Pass Laboratories SP 10 stereo pre amplifier
DAC: Light Harmonic DaVinci DAC