MIT Cables at CAS3 - California Audio Show 2012

MIT engineers understand the differences between harmonics, inharmonics and overtones and how “just cable” can negatively impact the music’s timbre. MIT’s new Super High Definition (SHD) interfaces preserve the natural timbre of the music because the natural harmonics of the music are not replaced by overtones. Hear this remarkable interface along with other fine audio components at the locations below.

Join MIT Cables in San Francisco at CA3 - the California Audio Show 2012 by by DAGOGO
Bruce Brisson, Tim Brisson, Kent Loughlin, and Steve Holt will be at the California Audio Show 2012. Check out the following equipment list for an idea of what you can expect to experience!

Check out the seminar while you are there - "Listening to the Science of Audio" - August 4 at 2-4pm and August 5, 1-3pm

Audio Image in the Bayside Rooms

Lobby Level

Source: Kronos Turntable Clear Audio Goldfinger Statement cartridge, Graham Phantom Supreme tone arm , SME V12 tone arm , Audio Research REF CD 8, Auraliti L-1000 Music File Player, Accuphase DP-7000 SACD Player, Aestetix Romulus High Resolution DAC/CD Player,
Speaker Cables: MIT Cables Oracle Matrix MA-X SHD Speaker Interfaces
Interconnects: MIT Cables Oracle Matrix 50 Proline Balanced Interconnects
MIT Cables Oracle MA-X Rev. 2 Interconnects
Power: Misc: Audience Adept aR-12 TSS Power Conditioner
MIT Cables Oracle ZIII Power Cords
Loudspeakers: Magico S5's with Magico Q-Pods isolation feet
Amplifiers: VAC 450 S Mono Blocks
Preamp: VAC Signature II A

MIT, Magico, Constellation

Visit Redwood Room, Lobby Level

Source: The Music Server is The Aurender by Widea Lab
Pacific Microsonics PS-2 DAC
Turntable is Brinkmann Balance
Brinkmann tonearm
Brinkmann EMT cartridge
1/4 inch tape is handled by Sonorus ATR10
Speaker Cables: MIT Cables Oracle MA-X Super HD Speaker Interface
Interconnects: MIT Cables Oracle MA-C(Constellation Series) Audio Interconnects
MIT Cables Oracle Matrix 50 Proline Balanced Interconnects
Power: MIT Cables Z Powerbar
MIT Cables Oracle ZIII Power Cords
Loudspeakers: Magico S5, 4 way floor standing
Amplifiers: Constellation Centaur 250
Preamp: Constellation Virgo Linestage
Phono Preamp: Constellation Perseus
Headphone Display: using MIT digital AES and clock cables
another Aurender server
Lynx Studio Hilo
Audeze LCD-2 ($1k) and LCD-3 ($2k) headphone