High End Show 2010 - Munich, Germany

This year MIT Cables returns to Munich to show the new Oracle Matrix HD Speaker Cables along with Magico Loudspeakers and Spectral Audio.

Show Setup
Kent Loughlin, VP of MIT Cables, has traveled to Munich Germany to meet up with Magico's Alon Wolf to set up the room a the 2010 High End Show. For photos, please visit our community page photo albums.

Day One
Our first major accolade comes on the first day!

"At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the best of the best was the Magico Q5 loudspeaker system, this time driven by Spectral electronics, MIT [Cables]'s top cables and either an EMM Labs player or the company's own custom-built music server. It was good enough to make everything else on that first day sound like a series of footnotes to the Magico room, the Emillé and Triangle rooms notwithstanding."

More iPhone pics from Kent Loughlin are posted in our community page photo albums.