The Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 2011

MIT Cables at the 2011 Hong Kong High End Show

For 2011, MIT's Gavin Fish was sent to attend Hong Kong to Attend The Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show and returned with these photos of our rooms. We would like to thank Roksan Trading/Asia Theatre, our distributor in Hong Kong, for their hospitality and HUGE presence while Gavin was at the show.

This is Roksan Trading's main listening room. The room served as both a two channel and a home theater room. Both systems were interfaced by MIT Cables. The two main Lansche loudspeakers were interfaced by Oracle MA-X HD Speaker Cables. Power conditioning by MIT's Z Powerbar.

This is Roksan's static display booth on the convention floor. MIT's top-of-the-line cables were on display in jewelry cases, including the Oracle MA-X HD Speaker Cables, the Oracle Matrix 120 HD Speaker Cables, and Magnum MA RCA Interconnects.

This is Roksan's second listening room. Components by Moon and loudspeakers by Audio Physic. Interfacing was all Shotgun MA speaker cables and interfonnects. Power conditioning courtesy of MIT's Z Powerbar.