2012 New York Audio AV Show

This year MIT Cables has partnered with Light Harmonic to demonstrate our cable technology at the New York Audio Show 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria on Park Ave. We invite you to join us to experience what 2012 will bring.

John Atkinson - Stereophile

"...Demmed in a system comprising Wilson Sasha W/P speakers, sick driven by a Pass Labs X100.5 amplifier and XP20 preamp, case with all-MIT cabling, wit data sourced from an iPad-controlled Mac mini, the Da Vinci produced a sound that thrilled. A 384k-sampled recording of voice and acoustic guitar by Cookie Marenco sounded palpably real."

MIT Cables approaches cabling to properly interface components to operate as a single unit, or “System”. A System approach creates a single voice from many different contributors, similar to an orchestra or chorus made up of many voices. Similar to tuning an orchestra to a single perfect pitch, properly interfaced components can become more than the sum of its parts. We celebrate with our exhibit partners and all that contributed to creating the sonic experience at each of the several rooms.

MIT Cables and Light Harmonic Suite

Waldorf Astoria Room 1508

Speaker Cables: MIT Cables Oracle Matrix 120 SHD Speaker Interfaces
Interconnects: MIT Cables Oracle MA-X Audio Interconnects
Power: MIT Cables Z Powerbar
MIT Cables Oracle ZIII Power Cords
Loudspeakers: Wilson Sasha
Amplifiers: Pass Labs XA 100.5 Mono Blocks
Preamp: Pass Labs XP 20 Pre-amp
DAC: Light Harmonic Davinci DAC