Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2010 Equipment List

In 2010, MIT Cables is happy to be partnering up with two fine audio companies at RMAF.

MIT Cables Speaker Interfaces, Interconnects, and Power Conditioning
As in years past, we are going to be demonstrating how MIT Cables technology improves the overall system performance of an audio rig. We will be demonstrating cables ranging from $20 to $20,000, switching from one pair of cables to another, letting attendees listen to the differences.

Speaker Cables: 14/2 "Zip Cord", AVt Speaker Modules, Shotgun S2.3, Oracle Matrix HD
Interconnects: EXp Proline Balanced, AVt Proline Balanced, Oracle MA-X Proline Balanced
Power Cords: Z-Cord III
Power Conditioners: Z Powerbar, Z Duplex

Chapman Audio Systems
For the second year in a row, we have chosen to use Chapman Audio Systems' T8 floorstanding loudspeakers in room 2012. These speakers retail at $9,000 a pair - an excellent value for their perfromance. Please visit Chapman's website for more information and to read reviews of the T8's -

For the first time, MIT Cables has chosen to use Electrocompaniet components in room 2012 at RMAF. We will be featuring the EMP-1 SACD/DVD-A - CD Player ($9,990.00 msrp), the EC4.8 preamplifier ($4,990.00 msrp), and a pair of AW400 mono amplifiers ($6,250.00 ea msrp). Please visit to read more about their fine products.