T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2011

For T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2011, MIT Cables was involved with two rooms. The first room belonged to MIT Cables Dealer The Audio Salon, which featured electronics from Spectral Audio, Loudspeakers from Magico, and interfacing by MIT Cables. The second room featured MIT Cables and Chapman Audio Systems.

The Audio Salon - MIT Cables, Spectral Audio, Magico

The Absolute Sound's Robert Harley Gives Best of Show to The Audio Salon

"LA's The Audio Salon showed the new Spectral SDR-4000SL Reference CD Processor ($19,000), a ground-up redesign of the fabulous SDR-4000 Pro. The new model uses a different transport, along with a newly developed buffer/clocking system. The player sounded spectacular driving a Spectral DMC-30SS II preamp and DMA-360 II power amplifiers and Magico Q5s in a large room. Cables were Spectral by MIT, and MIT provided the power conditioning. The room featured custom acoustic treatment from Acoustic Sciences Corporation."

"Best Sound - The Audio Salon: Spectral/Magico/MIT/ASC"

Read Robert's full report at http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/robert-harley-on-the-show-newport-beach-highlights-3/.

Stereophile's Michael Lavorgna gave The Audio Salon's room at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2011 the perverbial two thumbs up:

"...the California Guitar Trio's version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" from their CD California Guitar Trio Rocks the West rocked my expectations, and I kept expecting (and kind of hoping) Freddie Mercury or his voice, would peer out from behind the curtain."

To read Michael's full report of the room, please visit http://bit.ly/highendshownewport


Equipment List:
     MIT Cables Magnum MA Speaker Cables
     MIT Cables Oracle MA-X RCA Interconnects
     Magico Q5 Loudspeakers
     Spectral Audio DMA-360 Monoblock Amplifiers
     Spectral Audio DMC-30SS Preamp
     Spectral Audio SDR-4000 Reference CD Processor

MIT Cables/Chapman Audio Systems

Stereophile's Michael Lavorgna writes about the MIT Cables/Chapman Audio Systems room:

"I noted that there was "nice room dispersion" and "definitely no harshness.""

To read Michael's full report of the room, please visit http://bit.ly/theshownewport

Equipment List:
     MIT Cables Oracle Matrix HD 120 Speaker Cables
     MIT Cables Oracle MA-X2 RCA Interconnects
     Chapman Audio T-8 Loudspeakers
     Cary Audio Electronics