6moons.com, September 2010 — Magnum M1.3 Speaker Interfaces & Interconnects - Blue Moon Award Winners

"I’ll skip right to the chase to state that MIT’s Magnum M1.3 cables are the most musically truthful and expressive cabling system I have ever tried. They do all the wonderful things as the previously reviewed Shotgun S1 cables but take it up another level. And then some. What really flipped my wig is that both sets of cables are essentially identical. The wire, materials used, connectors, geometry… it’s all the same. The only outward differences are the detachable tails on the Magnum speaker cables. The real difference lies within those mysterious network boxes. Frankly, I was shocked to note such a dramatic improvement in performance. I’m not talking subtle improvements where you must lean forward with furrowed brow in deep concentration. It’s plainly obvious to anyone." –Paul Candy, 6moons.com

To read Paul Candy's September 2010 review of the Magnum M1.3 Speaker Interfaces and Interconnects in its entirety, please use the following links:

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