Dagogo.com, August 2010 — The Bruce Brisson Interview

"Between the first and second quarter of 2010, Doug Schroeder and Bruce Brisson, founder and lead engineer of Music Interface Technologies Cables, exchanged emails on an article that Doug was preparing. The result is the present Interview article. Among the 27 Questions asked by Doug, Bruce sent a 1,371-word reply to one of the questions. The depth of inquiry by Doug throughout the article is unprecedented in Dagogo’s pages, and the revelations presented by Bruce’s extremely well written responses are an industry insider’s dream fulfilled. Dagogo is excited to share this in-depth interview article with our readers. Because of the length and scope of the article, it will be published in two parts."

To read Doug Schroeder's August 2010 interview of Bruce Brisson in it's entirety, please use the following links:

Part 1: http://www.dagogo.com/View-Article.asp?hArticle=793
Part 2: http://www.dagogo.com/View-Article.asp?hArticle=794