Dagogo.com, April 2012 — OracleV1.3 HR and Oracle Matrix 50 Proline

"In High Def mode, the most prominent impression I have from using the Oracle V1.3 HR is how much fuller each droplet of sound became. I am not a purveyor to the hype that says "thin cables sound thin, and fat cables sound fat," for I believe it's in the synergy. But what the MIT brought forth in my system went way beyond synergy alone. The MIT Oracle cable system proved itself as the missing piece of the puzzle in a grander scheme of my Perfect-Sound Pursuit.

To read Constantine Soo's April 2012 review of the Oracle V1.3 HR speaker interface and Oracle Matrix 50 Proline XLR in its entirety, please use the following link:

The review: http://www.dagogo.com/View-Article.asp?hArticle=1025