The Absolute Sound, 2006, Editor's Choice Award

As read in The Absolute Sound, Issue 195, September, 2009:

MIT AVt 1 Speaker Cable
Perhaps canted ever so slightly toward the yang, the MIT AVt 1 counts power and definition among its many virtues. Perhaps there is ever so slightly less bloom than with other cables, but the AVt 1 nevertheless suggests great openness, with a remarkable ability to project musical events into the room and an impression of snap and bite that in the best sense of those words is irresistible. Reviewed by PS, Issue 146

MIT Magnum MA Speaker Cable
Over the past four years, no cable has dethroned MIT’s Oracle V2 in RH’s system— until MIT’s new MA (Maximum Articulation) showed up. Although priced the same as the discontinued Oracle V2, the new MA is vastly improved in every way, with far greater resolution, greater separation of individual instrumental lines, more space and depth, and a shocking increase in bottom-end depth, power, and articulation. Even with no break-in, the MA brought out a whole new level of performance from RH's system.

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