The Absolute Sound's 2007 Golden Ear Awards - August 2007

Music Interface Technologies (MIT) Oracle MA and Magnum MA loudspeaker cable

MIT’s new Oracle MA cable is insanely priced at $24,900 for an 8' pair, but it’s also insanely great. I’ve used MIT’s older Oracle V2 as my reference for nearly five years, and couldn’t envision how the new Oracle MA (for “Maximum Articulation”) could be that much better. But putting Oracle MA into the system rendered a jaw-dropping increase in bottom-end weight, spatial resolution, and sheer naturalness. This cable must be heard to be believed. The bottom-end tightened up, with simultaneously greater warmth, pitch articulation, and dynamics. Instrumental images within the soundstage were presented with more air and space around them, greater precision, finer gradations of depth, and an indescribable feeling of realism that bordered on the spooky. If you’re one of the few who can afford a cable at this level, you must audition Oracle MA. Note that MIT’s $7995 Magnum MA (which uses a less elaborate implementation of the same technology) delivers many of the same sonic qualities for considerably less money. Had I not heard Oracle MA, Magnum MA would be my reference. Prices: $24,900 (Oracle MA), $7995 (Magnum MA). (review forthcoming)

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