Summer Newsletter 2009

Summer is here, buy and with it, a lot of new and exciting news from MIT Cables.

I am pleased to announce that is getting a new look, with more up to date in information and functionality. We will also be adding video’s to the site about our unique high performance audio, video and power products. Our aim with the new site is to better inform our customers about the benefits of our patented network technology.

So let’s talk about new products!

New Z Duplex 20 Super with 6 Filterpoles

There have been a lot of great developments in the MIT line, from new lower priced in-wall power conditioning, more affordable phono interconnects, and huge technological advancements in our reference interfaces.

The New Z-duplex products are sweeping the competition by being easy to use and packed with performance starting at only $99.00. These new in wall power conditioners fit into a standard junction box and are designed to be a direct replacement for the duplex that is currently in the wall. These new circuits provide power factor correction and AC noise filtration. Read the review of the Z-Duplex Super at To read a paper published by the U.S. Department of Energy about power factor correction and why it is important, click here.

MIT Pro Studio Phono Cable

Turntable sales are on the rise! For those of you who disagree check out these facts regarding vinyl sales from the L.A. Times. On that note I would also like to introduce you to our latest development in Phono cable technology. Three new phono cables starting at $299.00 per pair featuring our patented multi-pole technology designed for the sensitive impedances of phono cartridges.

New Oracle MA-XV interconnect

Added recently to our Oracle series, is a complete departure from any other cable you have seen or heard before. Introducing, the Oracle MA-XV with A.A.R.M. (Adjustable Articulation Response Module). This new patented design in cable technology now gives the end user more control over the sound of their system than ever before. The New Oracle MA-X V is laid out in such a way that the listener can "dial in" the amount of articulation preferred in the system. Never before has there been anything as revolutionary as this newest design. The new “V” configuration of this cable allows the system user to place the network box in an accessible location to easily increase or decrease the amount of articulation response.

Oracle MA-X Proline Digital

Again in our reference line of cables, we now have the Oracle MA-X Proline Digital cable. This new 110ohm AES/EBU Digital audio cable employs the same technology as our A.A.R.M. analog cables, except with digital signals. This interface allows the listener to “fine tune”, for optimal balance between transients, detail, imaging, and musicality.

All of these products are available now. Give us a call to take advantage of some special Summer 2009 pricing on all of our products. 916-625-0129 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Have a great summer,
Steve Holt, National Sales Manager

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