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Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier

MIT Cables Vero 50ex Operation Manual
"Before any use, please begin by turning the volume control knob full left counter clockwise to protect your ears, and disconnect the head- phones. This procedure will protect you from unexpectedly high volume levels at start up. From there, please proceed:..."
MIT Cables Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier Brochure
"The succesful Indiegogo Campaign that helped shape and refine the Vero 29 Headphone Amplifier in 2015/16, has now culminated in the Vero 50ex Headphone Amplifier. Recognizing the growing personal audio market and responding to our customers feedback throughout the development of the Vero 29 lifecycle, Bruce Brisson has once again expanded the boundries of presenting the best attainable audio experiance - now in a headphone amplifier - the Vero 50ex..."