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Advanced Home Theater/Best Elec.

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1109 South Jupiter
Garland, TX  75042
Company Biography:
We are a Custom Home Theater and High End Audio store all in one. We specialize in full blown home theaters and full automation Crestron Systems. We also handle some of the best high end gear available such as Dartzeel, Playback Designs, Von Schweikert, YG Acoustics, MIT Cables, Sound Application and much, much more. Our store is located North of Dallas Texas in a city called Plano where we have two show rooms full of great gear. We also have some very nice demo systems in our own homes in which we invite customer to come and listen. Our high end guy Scott Warren works with our two channel customers to help them increase their music listening enjoyment. It is a hard task, but some one has to do it and we know Scott enjoys every minute of it. Please feel free to drop us an email at scott.wa@verizon.net or check out our website at www.advancedhometheater.com. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to serve our customers.