Oracle AC II - Limited Edition Filter Cord

Introducing the MIT Oracle AC II Limited Edition project, a focused effort to deliver a unique product to a select few audiophiles that desire only the best. The Oracle ACII LE was designed to perform better than any other product at its price point, and it must be capable of making a positive sonic impact on the world's top systems so great, it cannot be ignored. Created by MIT Cables founder Bruce Brisson, the ACII LE is a “noise free” power cord that attracts noise from every component and consumes it by converting it into a tiny bit of heat.

The Oracle ACII LE provides MIT's best noise filtering and power factor correction. MSRP: $9,999.00

The ACII LE includes MIT’s patented Filterpole Technology, which is based on earlier MIT Z series noise filtration designs. Mr. Brisson has added a further refinement to these networks that increases the efficiency of its already unsurpassed performance by another 20% or more. Each machined enclosure is finished in baked enamel Diamond Black metallic and adorned with Gold Marquis panels on each side. Every unit will bear a unique serial number (see inset photo), indicating it is one of the 50 pieces in this limited issue. Each will have its certificate of authenticity signed by the designer, Bruce Brisson.

ACII Serial Numbers

The Oracle AC II takes the unique conductor configurations and lowresistance silver-clad conductors of the AC I and builds upon it by providing the complete AC filter and power factor correction circuitry originally found in the Z-Stabilizer (tuned for audio frequencies). This unique patented parallel circuitry removes all frequencies other than 50-60Hz and improves the power factor so that your components receive 50-60 Hz 230V power (and nothing else) providing absolutely noise free power for noise free sound. The result is greater clarity, dynamics, and imaging at any volume level including extremely sensitive low volume situations.

With power comes noise. The very power it takes to drive your audio (or home theater) system can have a damaging effect on audio and video fidelity by allowing noise pollution into your system.

To prevent unauthorized copies,
each Oracle AC II is protected by a serial
number etched directly into the metal case.

It is the quality of the power that counts.

Most audio and home theater equipment is designed to function at 240 volts at a frequency of 50 –60 Hertz. Usually, power lines feeding AV components not only carry usable frequencies (50- 60Hz), but also carry frequencies above and below this operative range. It’s those uninvited frequencies that inject distortions directly into the audio and video path. This results in distortions you can see and hear.

Generally, most appliances plugged into your walls are not sensitive to these problems. When it comes to lights or the refrigerator, the quality of the power does not really make much of an operational difference. Because of that, normal household power is not stabilized, filtered or conditioned—certainly not for precision audio equipment. The better the system, the more damaging AC distortions become.

Click here to download the MIT Oracle ACII Limited Edition PDF.