CES 2017 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Best of Show by Jonathan Valin (price no object) - The Absolute Sound

However, Magico more than made up for any S7 room/set-up foibles with its fabulous $75k, three-way, five-driver (one 1" diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, one 6" graphene midrange, three 7" graphene woofers) M3 floorstander in a sealed aluminum-and-carbon-fiber enclosure. Driven and sourced by Constellation’s new Performance Series electronics, wired by MIT, and supported by Critical Mass Systems QXK stands, the M3 sounded fantastic on a recording of Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage with Israeli/Dutch pianist Yoram Ish-Hurwitz. This was simply the best reproduction of piano I heard at the show—and on a 44.1kHz CD, no less. (I’m not as wild about high-res digital as some on our staff. To me it almost always sounds a bit “top-down” in balance—more spacious and airy and finely detailed in the upper mids and treble, yes, but somewhat thin and deracinated in the power range and bass compared to CD.) The M3 is, IMO, the best speaker that Wolf has made because of its combination of classic Magico virtues and its newfound lushness of tone color.

Best of Show by Julie Mullins (cost no object) - The Absolute Sound.

"Magico M3 loudspeakers ($75k) driven by a Constellation Centaur II stereo amplifier ($)—sadly a room with a digital-only source on tap, but Shawn Colvin’s sweet rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” had never sounded better.

MIT Cables approaches cabling to properly interface components to operate as a single unit, or “System”. A System approach creates a single voice from many different contributors, similar to an orchestra or chorus made up of many voices. Similar to tuning an orchestra to a single perfect pitch, properly interfaced components can become more than the sum of its parts. We celebrate with our exhibit partners and all that contributed to creating the sonic experience at each of the several rooms.

Cables: MIT Cables Oracle SHD 120 with 2C3D
Interconnects: MIT Cables Oracle MAX-rev 2 interconnects (XLR)
Power: MIT Cables Z Powerbar
MIT Cables Oracle ZIII Power Cords
Loudspeakers: Magico M3
Amplifiers: Constellation’s new Performance Series electronics